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Calabash Investigative Consultants, LLC Investigators have garnered significant media attention for successful resolution of high-profile cases. Our seasoned investigators have been featured in renowned news outlets for their exemplary investigative work. Trust Calabash to deliver results that capture headlines and restore integrity. 


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The Jemeker Thompson cocaine conspiracy case involved the notorious drug kingpin Jemeker "Queen Pin" Thompson, who rose to prominence in the 1980s Los Angeles drug trade. 


When 19-year-old Pravin Varughese is reported missing after a college party in Carbondale, Illinois, his family is left reeling. A desperate search for Pravin ensues, but ends in tragedy when he is found dead in the woods.

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​Another look at the Pravin Varughese case through a different lense.


 A 911 dispatcher finds himself on the other end of a 911 call.  Was it a tragic accident or an act with intention? 

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