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Welcome to Calabash Investigative Consultants, LLC

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Our Story

Calabash Investigative Consultants, LLC stands as a distinguished family-owned enterprise, renowned for harnessing the expertise of seasoned and scholarly investigators within the region. With an aggregate of over thirty-five years of law enforcement background, coupled with extensive involvement in diverse scales of investigations, our team boasts unparalleled proficiency in delivering the outcomes you seek. Upholding responsible research as a cornerstone of our operations, we steadfastly adhere to rigorous standards of quality and confidentiality. This unwavering commitment ensures that our endeavors remain impartial, pertinent, and precise, thereby guaranteeing the integrity of our work.

Investigative Services

Discreet | Professional | Reliable | Affordable

  • Active Shooter Training

  • Asset Investigations

  • Background Investigations

  • Celebrity / Executive Protection

  • Cold Case Investigation

  • Digital Voice Stress Analysis

  • Due Diligence

  • Internal Investigations

  • Internet Dating

  • Litigation Support

  • Locating Witnesses

  • Missing Persons

  • Nanny / Childcare Investigations

  • Pre-Employment Investigations

  • Risk Management Survey

  • Security Survey

  • Social Media Investigations

  • Spouse Infidelity

  • Surveillance

  • Technical Surveillance

  • Threat Assessment Analysis

  • Truth Verfication


A Clear Solution

This is one of our most popular services, and we’re happy to provide it for anyone who needs it. Although many cases are often time-sensitive and always unpredictable, our amazing team of seasoned investigators is well equipped to handle this kind of task responsibly and carefully in order to avoid information leaks and legal missteps.

Information Verification

Trustworthy Tactics

The world seems to be turning into a more dangerous place, and this means trusting people blindly is getting harder to do. With this service, you can stay calm knowing that our skilled team will use all available resources to find the information you seek. When you decide to work with Calabash Investigative Consultants, LLC, you’re guaranteed accurate, honest and timely results.

Criminal Investigations

Uncover the Truth with Criminal Investigations

There are two primary reasons that our team conducts criminal investigations – the first is to defend, and the second is to reveal.  With over thirty-five years of prior law enforcement experience, our criminal background investigations are performed by seasoned investigators as well as highly-trained research investigators. We obtain the necessary information through a detailed interview process combined with complete research that is discovered using computerized information systems and on-site reviews of local court records and documents. When you need to know the inside facts about someone, whether in your business or household, we can get you the answers you need.

Benefits of Working with Us

There are several great benefits for clients who decide to work with Calabash Investigative Consultants, LLC. With our investigative expertise and our commitment to your privacy, you can rest assured that your case remains absolutely confidential. We are strongly committed to client satisfaction and client confidentiality. Objectives are attained with discretionary professionalism while maintaining the highest degree of ethics, sensitivity, and integrity.


Discreet Investigations

Quality Assurance


Privacy Protection

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority


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415 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 250, PMB 1040

Cumming, GA, USA

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Phone:  404.772.2746

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